Cannot customize the screen recording source

The recording source for screen recordings is customizable via a delegate method but that method is never getting called, so customizations can’t be applied.

I’m calling the requestCustomizedLocalRecordingNotification method on ZoomSDKMeetingRecordController with true to enable customizing the recording source. We’ve implemented the onCustomizedRecordingSourceReceived delegate method on ZoomSDKMeetingRecordDelegate but it never gets called. This is a new’ish issue, as I know this method was getting called at some point in the past but never gets called now. I’ve experimented with when to call requestCustomizedLocalRecordingNotification, either before or after starting the recording, and that doesn’t help. requestCustomizedLocalRecordingNotification returns ZoomSDKError_Success, which is more surprising that the delegate method doesn’t get called.

Which version?

Hi @stalefishlabs, thanks for the post.

If you are not seeing the callback methods invoked, it could mean that you have not properly set the delegate property on the ZoomSDKMeetingRecordController instance. Can you verify whether or not you are setting this property?


I’m definitely setting the delegate of the record controller to my class. Here’s the delegate setting, the local recording start, and the customized recording note setting in Swift:

guard let recordController = ZoomSDK.shared()?.getMeetingService().getRecordController() else { return false }
recordController.delegate = self
let startRecordingError = recordController.startRecording(&time, saveFilePath: captureMovieFilePath)
let customRequestError = recordController.requestCustomizedLocalRecordingNotification(true)
return (startRecordingError == ZoomSDKError_Success && customRequestError == ZoomSDKError_Success)

Later in that same class the delegate method that doesn’t get called:

func onCustomizedRecordingSourceReceived(_ helper: CustomizedRecordingLayoutHelper!) {

Thanks for your help.

Hi @stalefishlabs,

Thanks for confirming that. It seems that we will need to investigate this to determine what the issue is. Can you please provide the logs ((file path:~/Library/Logs/appName) from a session where you are experiencing this issue? You can send them over to and reference either my name or this post.


Log file sent, thanks for the help.

Hi @stalefishlabs,

Confirming that we have received your email, thanks for sending that over. I will let you know as soon as we have an update.


Hello, just following up and seeing if you guys had gotten a chance to check out the logs I sent on this issue. Thanks!

Hi @stalefishlabs, thanks for following up on this.

I haven’t heard anything from the team on this yet, so I will follow up and let you know as soon as I hear back. :slightly_smiling_face: