Recording customization issue

There is no way to reset or remove previously added video sources from received instance of CustomizedRecordingLayoutHelper.

ZoomSDKMeetingRecordController has method “requestCustomizedLocalRecordingNotification” to enable receiving of CustomizedRecordingLayoutHelper instance to customize the layout of recorded video file.
CustomizedRecordingLayoutHelper provides the possibility to add video sources for specific users by calling “addVideoSourceToResArray”, but it is unclear if it exists the way to reset previously received instance of CustomizedRecordingLayoutHelper or remove previously added video sources. It seems there is no API to do something like “removeVideoSourceFromResArray”.
Above results into the issue that once the user video source is added with “addVideoSourceToResArray” all result video files for any further recordings in VideoWall mode will contain video source or Avatar pic for all previously added users.

Which version?
Latest v5.0.24433.0616

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device Spec: Mac
  • OS: MacOS

Additional context
CustomizedRecordingLayoutHelper is configured to record in RecordingLayoutMode_VideoWall mode.

Hello @carson.zoom , I’m sorry for pinging you directly, but could you please help to figure out the solution for our issue or maybe some advice, thank you!

Hi @MaxH,

Thanks for the post and pardon the late response. Currently we do not have an interface for this. I have forwareded this as a feature request to the engineering team and we will add this in the next release.


Hi @carson.zoom,

Thank you a lot for the great news on this!

Our team, unfortunately, is blocked to deliver main expected functionality not only with this limitation, but also with the issue discovered in the new version of MacOS SDK ( callbacks on mp4 files creations are not get called anymore onRecord2MP4Done callback is not get called ).

I also curious if it will be possible to define the order of participants in the recorded video file by the order they were added/removed to the Helper object? Hopefully, it might be not hard to implement internally, but will give much more customization freedom to everyone who use recording API.

It might be too much to ask, but our team started to look for alternative solutions because of above very critical for us issues, but might you can give some estimates when it is possible to expect the next release and we will try to plan accordingly.

Thank you!

Hi @MaxH,

Thanks for the reply. Regarding the onRecord2MP4Done callback issue, please see my reply to your question in that post.

Regarding the “Defining the order of participants in the recorded video file by the order” request, I will forward this request to the engineering team and investigate the possibility.

Our next release is targeting around mid November.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @carson.zoom, thank you a lot for looking into this and the details! Hopefully, it will be possible to support ordering of participants at video wall recordings.
Thank you!

@carson.zoom can you confirm if the original issue mentioned by @MaxH

A way to reset or remove previously added video sources from received instance

If it’s was addressed and fix it in the new release? I can’t see anything related that in the release notes. Thank you.