Cannot enable Dial In for a meeting in progress

This stopped working recently. In the past it was always possible to set “audio: both” on a meeting, whether it was in progress or not.

The benefits of this are that many Zoom participants get confused when asked an audio option. By setting “audio: voip” when creating a meeting using the create meeting API endpoint, we spare our participants this confusion. Then, if it turns out that a meeting needs one or more participants to dial-in because they are having audio problems with voip, then we have an “Enable Dial-In” button that calls the API to set “audio: both” and then we display the dial-in information to that participant and everything works perfectly.

But now, this “Enable Dial-In” button fails, because when we call the API we receive this message:

<Response [400]> {"code":3002, "message": "Sorry, you cannot edit this meeting since it's in progress."}

This is a functional regression. Please advise when this can be fixed.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start a meeting (e,g,:,id = 123456789)
  2. HTTP PATCH to “v2/meetings/123456789” with below body:
	"settings" : {
		"audio" : "both"

Expected and previous result: the meeting is updated and users can now dial-in

Actual result: API returns HTTP 400 error with the message “Sorry, you cannot edit this meeting since it’s in progress.”