Cannot find files for init() function

I have a react app that is inside of Electron. I am trying to init() but it cannot see the path to the files. I have it working on the develop side by using webpack to put them in the window.location.origin for the dev server, and that works fine. But the way Electron works is different in Prod. I am doing the necessary steps to make the files available in Electron and can view the files just fine in the code. But when I pass that path (and variations of that path) the SDK cannot find them, even though they are there. Since there is no github for me to look at I have no idea what mechanism you are using to collect these files. The paths that I have tried are


Any thoughts on why it doesn’t reach the files? Is it possible for someone to let me know what sort of mechanism (what is the code) for retrieving these files? I am using path.join(process.resourcesPath, 'lib') in the code and I see all the files are there.

Which Web Video SDK version?
Video SDK 1.0.3

Ok, I ended up just putting all the files into a cloud bucket and pointing to that. So i think that this works for now. Is the SDK going to end up on Github? It’s always easier for me to figure out my own issues when I can see what the actual code is doing. Thanks.

Hey @ephraimwwt ,

Happy to hear you were able to resolve your issue.

One solution is putting the lib files in your projects public asset folder like where you would store an image.

The Video SDK is now on Github: GitHub - zoom/videosdk-web: Zoom Video SDK


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