Error when trying to init()

I’m trying to call zoomClient.init() and getting an error. I am running the Video SDK in an electron app. I tried using both the ‘CDN’ and the ‘Global’ options as well as pointing to it locally. I have made sure that the local path has the same contents that you have in you ‘lib’ folder but still getting the error. It may be that it cannot reach this path for some reason, but I am not able to figure out if that is the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

type: Invalid Parameters
reason: “depedent assets are not accessible”

Which Web Video SDK version?

And if I put the links you provide in the docs in directly I get this


So I was able to get it to pull from something locally. Still have the issue that the CDN or Global doesn’t work. But I have a tentative dev solution.

Hey @ephraimwwt ,

Apologies for the confusion, there is no CDN at this time.

Happy to hear you were able to get it working locally. :slight_smile:


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