Cannot join audio when joining call

Clicking “Join Audio by Computer” when this option appears after joining a meeting will fail and show a loading state for ~60 seconds for which the user is unable to retry or cancel this setting.

I have noticed the console will log a message Open_Audio_WebSocket_Connect after an arbitrary amount of time at which joining audio will succeed. I see this message in the CDN version of sample-web-app and my own app using the zoomus-jssdk package, but not in the provided local sample-we-app (FYI, not the point of this post).

Since the ability to join audio loads asynchronously post meeting join, pressing the button before ready forces the user into a state for ~60 seconds where the user is unable to communicate or listen into the meeting leads to a very frustrating experience.

Is there some solution to this issue? Can we have the join audio options only appear once (seemingly) the audio websocket is established? Or is there some way to listen for this event?

Which Endpoint/s or Web JS SDK?
Web sdk version 1.5.1

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hi @edward,

Which browser are you using? Please keep in mind, that Join Audio by Computer only works on Chrome at this time,


Hey @edward,

Here is the browser support for the Web SDK.


@Michael_Purnell @tommy

I am using latest Chrome 77, which has Worklet API support for Zoom’s audio.

I am not reporting that there is an inability to “Join Audio by Computer”. This works, but there exists a bug where there is a certain window at which pressing this option on a supported browser will enter an error state for about a minute.

Thanks @edward,

Our team is looking into this and will have it fixed in a future release.


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