Error joining any meeting room with "Enable waiting room" turned on

Using the new 1.7.5 version of the Web SDK, I am encountering a “Joining meeting timeout” error. As soon as I disable the “Enable waiting room” on a meeting, I will no longer encounter the error.

Joining meeting timeout. Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.

Which version?

I’ve included the request that the SDK is making for meeting information, which doesn’t contain any of the typical error info I’d expect if something was actually wrong.

Thanks ahead of time for any possible help.

One more clarification. If the host has actually joined the meeting, then the Web SDK will present the waiting room after a user attempts to join and the host (from the desktop client) can start the meeting, giving the Web SDK user entry. This behavior is different from the mobile/desktop clients, which put you in the waiting room before the meeting begins and the host has joined.

Hi @omarestrella

What is the meeting ID that was used to test this? If the meeting ID was a PMI then the error will throw as the WebSDK cannot join PMI meetings before the host starts.


Ah, then that would be it. It was a PMI, so that information is good to know. Is that particular behavior documented anywhere (either in Zoom general help docs or Web SDK documentation)? Would like to have it as a reference for my own code.

@omarestrella Yes, we noticed that a couple more developers were running into the same issue, so we updated our document here -

Let us know if you have any other questions.