Cannot remove cloud recordings password with api

We cannot use cloud recording setting’s update without password. When we deleted or blanked It responses:

code": 300,
“errors”: [
“field”: “password”,
“message”: “The password you entered does not meet the password requirements.”
“message”: “Validation Failed.”

We don’t want to use password or registiration.

We are hitting the same issue and probably for the same reason. All of our recordings are no longer publicly available despite our account settings. The API lists them all as shared internally only. When we try to change this value via the API we get the password validation error. Even trying to set sharing to none gives a password validation error.

It appears the Account Settings for “Set minimum password strength requirements” is enforced even when the “Require password to access shared cloud recordings” flag is NOT set.

We have a total of 40 accounts, and each account has hundreds of video files. Before, we set no password and everyone can see it. However, after you set this, all the previous Settings have been updated to us

I want to be mad, change permission of everyday manual backstage, want to ask why when you roll out new function, can the data of old function also modified?Why is that?Why not let users make their own choices?So every day by customer complaint?

Our recordings appear to have reverted to their public state this morning. Hope this fix has rolled out to other users as well.

Hey @baohanhai, @bilgin_yazar1,

Is this working again as @robertom has mentioned?


For our use case, we no longer needed to remove passwords from the cloud recording settings. The settings on our recordings were fixed by Zoom and all the recordings were public again. So we didn’t need to fix them with the API call.

The API behavior is still broken – any api call to this endpoint fails validation unless a valid password parameter is included. So you can’t remove a password, set a recording to not shared, etc.

No, it is not working. The API cannot unset a password. It always enforces the recording_password_requirement.

Note that this worked up until recently and now managing a school’s daily classes’ recording manually is impossible and a complete deal breaker.
Why doesn’t the Web UI use the same backend end points?

Hey @0xedd, @robertom,

Apologies for the inconvenience, we are investigating and will provide an update as soon as we can. (ZOOM-158120)


Hey @0xedd, @baohanhai, @robertom, @bilgin_yazar1,

Currently the API cannot turn off the Cloud Recording Password requirement setting:

The only way to turn it off is with the in your account level recording settings.

We will work on adding API support for this in the future.