Zoom Recording - Check if password protected


Sorry if Iā€™m posting at the wrong place.

I wanted to know if there is a way to use any API just to check if a zoom recording is password protected. I have hundreds of new zoom recordings every week and checking them one by one is extremely time-consuming.

thanks a lot!


@adriano.silvestre I Hope you will be fine.

Yes, you can by using Zoom Cloud Recording REST API.

Here is the session

ā†’ Zoom Cloud Recording Settings - (REST API)

You need to build a get request to /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/settings and in the response if on_demand:true ā† and ā†’ password is not empty then the recording is password protected.

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Hello again,

Would it be possible as well to change a recording password via API? I would like to remove the password of all recordings fed to the API.

Thank you!