canSwapToShowShareViewOrVideo not working again

We are using the macOS SDK 5.4.54802.0124 which according to the release notes should fix:

Fixed an issue that the interface

  • (BOOL)canSwapToShowShareViewOrVideo

does not work.

Unfortunately this problem still persists and it’s more wired than ever before.

  1. We join a meeting with 3 or more participants.
  2. Everyone has his camera on
  3. One of the participants start sharing his screen.

And yet the canSwapToShowShareViewOrVideo returns FALSE


  • @brief Swap to show sharing screen or video.
  • @param share YES means swap to sharing screen, NO means swap to video.
  • @return If the function succeeds, it will return ZoomSDKError_success, otherwise not.
  • @note Only available for Zoom native ui mode.
  • (ZoomSDKError)swapToShowShareViewOrVideo:(BOOL)share;

swap(toShowShareViewOrVideo true) result: Optional(__C.ZoomSDKError(rawValue: 4))

before that also the call canSwapBetweenShareViewOrVideo returns false


  • @brief Determine if the user can swap between show sharing screen or video now.
  • @return YES means can, otherwise not.
  • (BOOL)canSwapBetweenShareViewOrVideo NS_AVAILABLE_MAC(5.4);


Hi @tmiskiew, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you are still experiencing issues with this method. Can you please confirm whether or not the participant sharing is the one calling this method?


We tried both. It doesn’t matter who is sharing. There is only one account we have with that it works in some instances. When @j_a_z_z connects with that account using his iPad or original zoom app then on his end the SDK would notice that he started sharing. I’m connected via SDK to the same meeting and mine still doesn’t notice, canSwapBetweenShareViewOrVideo returns false and swapToShowShareViewOrVideo both return false. When I start a meeting with any of my many account it doesn’t work for anyone. When @j_a_z_z starts a meeting and sharing with any other account both methods don’t work. This SDK is so screwed up that I have the feeling we are all wasting our life. @TimZoom please save us!

@tmiskiew please send your logs and sample code to I’ll have someone on standby. We’ll take care of you from there.

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