Can't download all cloud recordings

I currently pull up my recordings using server to server oauth via the endpoint /users/{userId}/recordings. I have 37 recordings in one of my user accounts and using the download link provided and was only able to download 1/37 meetings because all of them give me a html page asking for a passcode instead of the video

On another user account I am able to download 87/105 correctly with much less passcode downlaods.

What setting can I change on the individual or group to remove this restriction? I don’t want passcodes and I had a look, I don’t see it enabled by following support documentation.

Please help me know what I can disable in order for all of the links to work without passcodes.

I managed to solve this. I was testing the link directly in browser which worked because my browser is authenticated in Zoom. From incognito it didn’t work which made me realize the download link from Zoom Rest, though valid, was not authenticated.

A simple access_token in the query paramater solved my issue

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Hi @quinton ,

Awesome, thank you for letting us know.