Download recording url without passcode

Need to download/play the recording even if the user turn off the passcode option.

I have built my app with oauth2 integration and in the I have using the recording.completed webhook for getting the details of the recording after it gets completed. But the issue is when the user turned in the passcode toggle then I am unable to download the recording.

So I need to know is it possible to get the recording even the user turned on the passcode toggle? Kindly let me know.

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Happy to help! How are you trying to download the recording and what are the user’s sharing settings please?

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Thanks for the reply gianni.
How are you trying to download the recording? I copy paste the downloadUrl I get inside my webhook then it asks me for the passcode.

What are the user’s sharing settings? I am talking about the these settings inside Sign In - Zoom
Require passcode to access shared cloud recordings
After doing toggle on it requires passcode whenever I try to download the recording. I need that url free from this setting.

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Are you not able to it back to turn off the password? Is the toggle greyed out? If so, who is the Admin for the associated account?


I am able to turn on and turn off the toggle but the issue is not everyone knows about this setting. So is there any way using api or something else I can able to download the recording without passcode or make toggle turn off using api?

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I do not believe you can turn it off via API; you can just update the password requirements with either of these endpoints:

You can also set an arbitrary password for meetings via this endpoint:

Does this help?


Thanks gianni… Thanks for the info…
My final question is “is it required to turn off the passcode toggle in order to access the recording?” Because I am using oauth2 to get the recording data and it asks me for the passcode(because my passcode toggle is turned on). I want it to be free from that toggle.

If not possible then please confirm me So I will ask my users to turn it off before using my app.


When using the Get Meeting Recordings API are you using the access_token along with the download_url?

Let me know if that helps.


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