Need API to get sharing started/ended times & who shared

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Yes. We currently have a ticket filed where we get the normal sharing started/ended events but for some recordings we also get seemingly random shared_ended events for users who have never started sharing at all. As the nature of the web as well we have not always gotten every sharing started/ended event reliably. This has caused problems with determining if screen sharing is happening or not. Having an API to surface this information would be a reliable way to get it.

Describe the solution you’d like
These API endpoints, or something similar:

Also lacking is knowing who in a meeting is sending video or not so you can create the best viewing experience for customers.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
It seems that the Zoom player has this information already when you go to view a recording from the Recordings page. Can that API just be given a public interface, or the file download be added to the list of recording files already provided through the cloud recordings API?

You also provide a timeline file for recordings. Could you just add the necessary data there since we can already download that one?

Additional context
Nope, thanks!