Can't getting success in start meeting

I’m using angular 8 with ZOOM web SDK.

I can JOIN the meeting successfully using the WEB SDK. and the generated signature is proper valid. using role 0

But When I’m trying to pass role as 1 in generated signature function and using the return signature, Using this signature do request for start meeting then it’s return invalid token.

Invalid token for START meeting

Which version?
ZOOM WEB SDK version: 1.7.7
Angular: 8

Yash Shukla

Hi @yashs018,

When your passing role 1, that means your the host of that meeting and you have to make sure that a user within the account(JWT app account) is a host of that meeting. Can you share the meeting ID and signature so that we can investigate?


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Thanks, @Michael_Purnell

I had mistake in JWT app account

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Happy to hear you resolved the issue! :slight_smile: