Can't join a Zoom Events Webinar via WebSDK?

Does the WebSDK supporting joining a Zoom Events Webinar? When attempting to join via a URL like
Error - Zoom I receive an error “Join Meeting Timeout: Invalid Parameter.”

Is there any way for Zoom Events to be supported currently? If not, is it planned?

Currently on WebSDK version 1.9.6.


@tommy or someone from Zoom Team are you able to comment on this?


Welcome to the Developer Forum, @vandalayindustries! To answer your question, Zoom Event is different from the Meeting platform. This is likely why you are getting that messaging when trying to Join a Zoom Event with the Meeting SDK. That aside, while the Web SDK currently does not support Joining Zoom Event, you should know that an existing Zoom meeting can be converted into a Zoom Event. To learn more about this topic, see our Zoom Events help documentation.

Thanks for the response @donte.S . So to be clear: we can convert a meeting into a Zoom Event, which we then are unable to join because Zoom Events doesn’t support the WebSDK? That seems to be the opposite of what we’d need in this case.

Anyway, I understand based on your response that Zoom Events does not support the WebSDK. If you could put in a request or upvote internally to have Zoom Events support the WebSDK, that would be much appreciated!

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