Can't record self-share source but other recording works fine


While recording, share content shared by the person recording is not captured (black screen). Share content recording from other users, and video element recording, works fine.

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. Start meeting
  2. Set permissions for user to record
  3. Start recording (app uses VideoWall mode when there is no share content) (code for this is not shown below)

Recording works as expected, can see video wall

  1. Current user starts screen share and setRecordingLayoutForHelper callback is received
  2. See below code for callback

Recording is not working correctly Recording has black screen

  1. Stop sharing

Recording has video wall again (code for this is not shown below) Recording now working as expected again.

Below is the code (paraphrased) that I am using in this scenario. NOTE: This isn’t complete, I have just extracted the flow for this single scenario. All API’s return SUCCESS.

End result:

  • ( void )setRecordingLayoutForHelper:(CustomizedRecordingLayoutHelper *)helper {

    // This returns YES
    BOOL isSendingShareSourceAvailable = [helper isSendingShareSourceAvailable];

    // According to documentation, isSendingShareSourceAvailable only works when mode is set to
    RecordingLayoutMode_OnlyShare, so set this here
    RecordingLayoutMode mode = RecordingLayoutMode_OnlyShare;

    // Set the mode
    [helper selectRecordingLayoutMode:mode];

    // Returns SUCCESS
    [helper selectSendShareSource];


Device (please complete the following information):

MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)
MacOS 12.0.1

Hi @KieranAC, thanks for the post.

To clarify, are you using the SDK on both ends (the one recording and the other participants), or is the client being used at all? Is the issue reproducible with the client?


I’m using one instance of the SDK. The SDK app is recording. Other test participants in the meeting are using the zoom client.

When there is no share, and the SDK is set up for video wall recording, the recording is good and I can see video content.
example: [helper addVideoSourceToResArray:userID]; (for all users) (WORKS)

When an external participant (using Zoom client) shares, the SDK app can record their content. This works in both VideoShare and ShareOnly mode.
example: [helper selectShareSource:userID] (userID for the share source) (WORKS)

When the SDK app shares content, and is also recording, it is black screen on the recording as above.
example: [helper selectSendShareSource]; (BLACK SCREEN)

If the Zoom client is recording, and also shares, then that content is successfully recorded, so the SDK seems to be different than the full Zoom client.

Incidentally - I was not able to get -[CustomizedRecordingLayoutHelper selectActiveVideoSource] to work either (black screen) even though haveActiveVideoSource returns YES;

@jon.lieblich wondered if you saw my follow-up post above?