ZoomSDK C# Wrapper: Local Recording using Meeting SDK Cannot Capture Shared Screen

Hi Team!

I am trying to implement meeting recording to my custom Zoom UI. I managed to start and stop the recording and participant video feeds are being recorded. However I am unable to find a way to capture the shared screen during meeting recording. Is there a method to add screen to recording sources like AddVideoSourceToRecList method in ICustomizedLocalRecordingLayoutHelperDotNetWrap?

Which Desktop Client SDK version?

Windows 10 Desktop

Additional context

Here is my code for adding sources for recording during meeting. This method is added to Add_CB_onCustomizedLocalRecordingSourceNotification event:

private static void LocalRecordingSourceNotification(ICustomizedLocalRecordingLayoutHelperDotNetWrap layout_helper)
    if (!layout_helper.HasActiveVideoSource())
            // Get participant video streams and add them to recording sources list
            var userIds = layout_helper.GetValidVideoSourceList();
            Trace.WriteLine($"Valid Video Source ids: {JsonConvert.SerializeObject(userIds)}", "ZoomSDK.Recording");
            Trace.WriteLine($"Recording Layout Mode: Share And Video == {layout_helper.SelectRecordingLayoutMode(RecordingLayoutMode.RecordingLayoutMode_ShareAndVideo)}", "ZoomSDK.Recording");

            if (userIds != null)
                foreach (var userId in userIds)
                    Trace.WriteLine($"Adding user {userId} to Recording List: {layout_helper.AddVideoSourceToRecList(userId)}", "ZoomSDK.Recording");
    // TRUE if a user is sharing their screen
    if (layout_helper.IsSendSharingSourceAvailable())
        // But how do we add that shared screen to recording sources? 

Thank you.