Can't retrieve or reapprove Denied/Cancelled webinar registrants

The endpoint to retrieve a webinars registrants (documented here), does not take a status parameter, and does not return registrants who’s status is denied.

The payload for each registrant is supposed to include status, which is currently useless, as only approved registrants are returned.

The reason this is so problematic is that you also cannot register a user who was previously denied/or canceled. Another topic about that issue -

The combination of

  1. When a user cancels registration, you cannot use the register route to re-approve.

    This causes you to need the id of the registrant to update the status of the registrant using this route.

  2. The endpoint that lists registrants does not include the previously cancelled registration so there is no way to get the registrant id.

So, unless I have stored the ID of the registrant in my DB before the user cancels the registration, there no possible way for me to re-register a user via the API. Is this correct?

Hey @markvanlan, you found another bug!

We will work on fixing this, and will post back here with updates! (ZOOM-133199)


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Hey @markvanlan,

Can you provide the webinar ID you were trying to use?


It has been too long and I cant remember which webinar I was using, I apologize.

Hey @markvanlan, no worries.

Let me know if you run into the issue again.