JWT Update Webinar Registrant Action 'cancel' results to 'denied' instead

We are able to approve and deny registrants succesfully in the API. However, when we do a ‘cancel’ action on an approved registrant. The registrant gets denied

This is different from the cancel registration button present in the zoom webinar dashboard.

The full error message or issue you are running into.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Request URL with ‘cancel’ as action
  2. When we get the webinar registrants details via /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants/{registrantId}
    the status is labeled as “denied”

{‘id’: ‘GUT24sPxRtqWOS5RAR4KIQ’, ‘first_name’: ‘Registrant’, ‘last_name’: ‘To Approve and Cancel’, ‘email’: ‘johnrei.enriquez+20201117121453@careermoneylife.com’, ‘address’: ‘’, ‘city’: ‘’, ‘country’: ‘’, ‘zip’: ‘’, ‘state’: ‘’, ‘phone’: ‘’, ‘industry’: ‘’, ‘org’: ‘’, ‘job_title’: ‘’, ‘purchasing_time_frame’: ‘’, ‘role_in_purchase_process’: ‘’, ‘no_of_employees’: ‘’, ‘comments’: ‘’, ‘custom_questions’: , ‘status’: ‘denied’, ‘create_time’: ‘2020-11-17T12:14:54Z’, ‘join_url’: ‘< I have hidden the url >’}

Additional context
Approve and deny are working as expected. Only weird behavior is that when an approved registrant is cancelled by admin, it labels them as denied - which is different from the cancel registration button inside the zoom webinar dashboard. Can you provide any information on why this happens?

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Hi @johnrei.enriquez,

Was this a scheduled webinar or a recurring webinar? Can you provide the Webinar ID so that I can help take a closer look?


We are using a test webinar 82668993149. Let me know.

This is a scheduled webinar (one time).

Hi @johnrei.enriquez,

Thanks for confirming. While I do believe this is expected behavior, can you confirm whether the registrant was moved to the Denied/Blocked section in the UI?

When a registrant is cancelled or denied, they will appear there by design. If you’re referring to a different part of the UI, can you share a screenshot?


Hi Will,

We initially raised this question because “cancel” behaviour of the API and dashboard were different. i.e:

Dashboard - cancel removes the registrant from any list (not added in the denied/blocked section)
API - cancel moves the registrant to the denied/blocked section.

After your response, not sure if this was already fixed on the fly but It looks like dashboard and API are now behaving consistently with each other.

Both are now consistent

Hi @johnrei.enriquez,

Thank you for confirming. If you see any oddities again, please do let me know.


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