Can't use remote fileUrl even though the domain has been whitelisted

Hi Zoom Team, we are developing a Zoom app where “Intend to publish” = No

When calling zoomsdk.setVirtualBackground() with a fileUrl from a whitelisted domain that has been “Approved”, such as, the method works.

When calling the same method with a fileUrl that has been whitelisted but has the marketplace warning “This domain requires review. Briefly explain your reason for using it.”, the method does not work.

This makes sense.

But how do I initiate a review for a particular whitelisted domain? FYI, the domain in question is a S3 bucket.

My understanding is that this should still work with a domain that requires additional information especially when using development credentials.

After making this change, did you re-authorize the app? What error are you seeing when you attempt this?

@MaxM thanks for the response. You are right. The domain does work when marketplace requires additional information when using development credentials. The issue was our bucket policy not allowing the origin of request. Thanks for the sanity check.

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I’m glad to hear that helped!