Whitelisting URL in Zoom App not taking effect


We have a published app. After completing app review, we added another domain to the “Domain allow list”. The domain is www.googletagmanager.com, which has a status of “Allowed”. However, our app is still refusing to load scripts from that external domain. It has been about 4 days since adding the domain. Any idea why the change isn’t taking effect?



Maybe you don’t have it in your CSP header yet? Just a guess.

Thanks for response. But it seems it’s a matter of Zoom not applying these domains to the whitelist in a published app. They get applied right away for unpublished apps. But I can’t seem to get any guidance from Zoom.

You’ll want to resubmit your application to the marketplace to have these changes applied to a published application. The update process should be much quicker than the initial submission to publish

Thanks Max! Will do.