Capability to track quorum status throughout a meeting

Describe the solution you’d like
Would be very useful to committees using Zoom to have capability (via an app or otherwise) to track status of maintaining quorum throughout a meeting. Basically the meeting host needs to be able to identify the voting members and how many are required to be in attendance to meet the quorum requirement of the organization (e.g. >50% of voting members). With guests or other non-voting members in attendance that do not count towards quorum it is difficult and time consuming for a host (chair of the committee) to determine if sufficient number of voting members are present when certain meeting actions need to be taken (whether to start the meeting or wait; whether to take a vote on an issue or not). Nice to have would be a summary output report downloadable after the meeting that logs which voting members were present during what time periods and the associated quorum status (quorum = true/false).