[API] Get ALL "live" meetings info

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When a user joins a meeting as a participant (not a host) the Zoom API meetings endpoint (with the “live” prop) does not retrieve the current on-going meeting. This is frustrating for any app that requires to know wether or not the user is in any meeting.

The endpoint only returns meetings where the authorized user is the host.

Describe the solution you’d like
I would like to have a way to know when a user is in a meeting and have access to said meeting info. I know I could use the “presence status changed” webhook to know if the user has joined a meeting (participant or host). However, we don’t have any available information for the current meeting if the user is not the host (no join_url and no meeting id)

The ideal solution would be to update the /meetings?type=live endpoint to include any live meetings including the ones where the user is only a participant and not a host (even if data is incomplete).

Another solution would be to have the “presence status changed” webhook to include metadata fields with the meeting info when status is “InMeeting”.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Right now we detect when a user is in a meeting using webhooks. However, if we detect a meeting where the user is not the host, the user has to manually input the meeting invite link. This is not a seamless experience for the user and it would be great to automatically detect it.