Change meeting host via API and JWT App - Code 1110 / Not assigned scheduler

It was quite a hard time over the last months and now I am able to follow up one topic I started a few months ago. Unfortunately the old topic ist closed already so I’d like to start it anew.

I’m administrator of our domain and sometimes I’d like to change the host-id of an meeting. One of the alternative hosts should become the owner and the former owner an alternative host. I read a few posts for this topic - but still am not able to do it right. Maybe it is because it is not possible using a JWT app? If I’m missing something: I assigned the scheduling privileges already but how do I transfer the admin user id to the request when patching?

I tried this via the API with change meeting and the “schedule_for” parameter but I get an code 1110 - “Not assigned scheduler”.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I have a JWT App.

Which Endpoint/s?
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Is there a way for a site administrator to change meetings for other users?

Harald Schmid

Hey @harald.schmid,

Great question, and happy to clarify.

While you’re going about this in the right way (using the schedule_for field), I should note that you’ll want to double check that you’ve satisfied each of the prerequisites for the scheduling privilege:

Let me know if this helps!


Hi @will.zoom,

Thank You for Your answer. Yes, I had the Scheduling privilege set. But how could the API know by the JWT which user is requesting to change the meeting for the second user? Is there a user coded in the JWT, or is it just for an App? And so, when I send the request, the API has no possibility to check, if the request is made by someone who has the scheduling privilege… Or do I miss something?

Hey @harald.schmid,

Happy to clarify— JWT Apps intentionally do not have scopes, they have full permission and are meant for internal use by Zoom account admins. Therefore, if you’re passing a userId or email within the schedule_for parameter on the Update Meeting endpoint using credentials from a JWT app, it’s determined that you have admin permission.

Hope this helps to clarify—let me know if you have additional questions!

Hello @will.zoom,

so there is no scheduling privilege and I have no possibility to change the host of a meeting with an JWT-App? As I wrote I always get the Code 1110 Error.


Hi @harald.schmid,

To clarify, you can do this with a JWT app—When using JWT, the API should know which user is trying to change the host and can make sure they have “schedule for” privilege because when you create the meeting you are passing in the original host userId.

If you meet the prerequisites outlined here, it’s likely there is something amiss with your scheduling privileges. Please make sure you have followed document linked above to turn on the schedule_for feature. Can you also double check that you’re using JWT credentials from your own account, and that account has the schedule_for permission?

If you have any trouble with getting that privilege set up, our team at can help!

Let me know,

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