Change meeting notification title

How can I change the title of the Notification. It’s showing “Zoom” in the notification bar (attached image), which I need to change to a different name. I tried different answers in the forum, but it doesn’t have a good example.

Which Android Client SDK version?
Downloaded latest SDK on 5/5/21

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Hi @developer.anarr, thanks for using our SDK.

The notification shown by the SDK can be customized through setCustomizedNotificationData. Note that this approach requires you to fully implement the notification’s appearance and behavior when it is clicked by the user.


Could you please provide a sample example? Is there a way to just change the logo?

Hi @developer.anarr,

Unfortunately we do not have any samples available for this feature. In order to change the icon visible in the notification, you would need to get the ID of the resource you would like to set as the icon and pass it into setSmallIconId and setLargeIconId.


You could use the below code sample:

CustomizedNotificationData notificationData = new CustomizedNotificationData();
// give your icon from mipmap
meetingSettings.setCustomizedNotificationData(notificationData, null);
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Thanks @arun.d for providing the code snippet!

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