Change name font size

I am always upset when I see this small font of usernames.
When there are many participants at the conference with such a small font size, I have to strain my eyes and spend precious time to understand what name is written on a particular participant.

Please add a setting that allows the user to adjust the font size of the username!


Seems to be possible in the Zoom Promovideo but haven´t seen the option


+1 for this request. I don’t have great vision and it makes it much harder read names, which is critical at a time when I’m often on Zoom calls with a lot of people that I don’t know up-front.


This was my request : Add Magnifier screen option


I also have low vision and moderate a weekly forum, so small text size is a significant accessibility problem for me as well.

  • Blowing up text for every application is not a solution as generally having default size is fine and preferred. So just the ability to change font the Zoom app alone is the request.
  • As an aside… strangely, blowing up the screen on my Mac with a pinch move does not work in the Zoom application so that’s not a solution.

Agreed - Please make more accessibility changes ASAP.


This is very much needed. The small type size of the participant names is far too small for those with vision problems, and I have yet to find any way to make the names bigger. The option does not exist in Accessibility.

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This is off-topic, but the image Ossip used in his comment shows company information for each participant. How do I enable that feature for my Zoom meetings?

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Is there away to increase the name font size yet?

This feature would be useful for my wife who has impaired vision and facilitates online support groups. She has difficulty reading the participants’ names.