Bug on Windows Client: Zoom Name in corner does not disappear


Our Windows users are frustrated because Zoom renders the names of all participants on screen in the corner (little gray box). This disappears on Mac when you stop moving your mouse but does not on Windows.

To Reproduce:
-Open a zoom meeting on Mac. Notice your name in corner. Stop moving mouse and see name disappear
-Open a zoom meeting on Windows. Notice your name in corner. Stop moving mouse and see name does not disappear

Warmly using Virtual Foregrounds to add a nametag for users at the bottom of their screen. Because we do not know how many people are in a zoom meeting and whether the users or viewer (might be a non-user) is in gallery view or other, we don’t know how BIG the little grey box can get but does cover a lot of information that users want other participants to see (like their Bio or Title)

The more participants per meeting the larger the name is in gallery mode, the less our nametags are effective on Windows.

-Give us API to remove or change Zoom name (but this requires app to be open)
-Give feature parity to have names disappear on Windows after a few seconds like it does on Mac

These are great suggestions, thanks Max.

I’m sure you’ve already tested it, but on Mac and PC the Settings > Video > “Always display participant names on their video” checkbox determines if the name is always shown.

We’ll also have Apps engineers looking into this.