Zoom App - Update user/participant display name

We are developing a in client Zoom App using React and need some guidance on the following.

While in a meeting in the Zoom client I can right click on my tile and select rename. In here I can even use emoji’s like these :clapper::ear::open_book::eyes:

I would like to change this display name programmatically when our application is opened during a meeting but I cannot see a way to do this.
We can update the user’s Name and Surname in their profile via the API but these emoji’s don’t show up at all.

Is there a way to set the user’s display name in the context of a meeting using the Zoom App Client SDK?

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We don’t have a method to change the display name of a user with a Zoom App or with the API. If this is something you would like to see in the future I recommend posting to our #feature-requests category

Thank you for the reply.
Is there any way to change any information regarding participants, that the user with my app installed can see, via the Zoom App SDK?

The idea is to make information from my app available, via the in client zoom app, to meeting participants that are already connected in my application for that I need to identify the meeting participants to find their profiles in my application. It currently looks like I will have to rely on Webhooks to get that info, is there a way to see a list which API’s I can call with a Zoom Apps access token?

From a Zoom App, you can use the Get Meeting Participants function.

When it comes to the API, you should be able to use any of the APIs that are accessible from your plan.

Apologies I should have clarified that the method you suggested only returns the Display Name for the participant not the email address. A participant could change their display name to anything and it is therefore not a trustworthy way of matching the participant name to users connected to my logged in user. I would therefore require their email address to allow me to identify their profiles in my system correctly.

In terms of the API’s. Some methods returned with an error saying that it cannot be called with a Zoom Apps token. Should I be able to call something like List Meeting Participants with my Zoom App token?

When using the Get Meeting Participants function, you can use the participant UUID to uniquely identify participants across the meeting.

Thanks for sharing this detail. Can you share a screenshot of the error that you’re seeing? I’ll check with our team to see if I can get a list of APIs that are permissible and see if we can update our documentation.