Change SDK type to OAuth authentication type

I have an SDKapp that I created some time ago. (now called MeetingSDK)
This SDKapp’s type is not use OAuth authentication.
probably a legacy type.
I would like to change a type that allows OAuth authentication.
However, the items that were there before are missing and cannot be changed.
Do I need to create a new account?
Also, if the SDKapp’s type is changed, will the credentials change?

Hi, @akio,

Thank you for your question! The Meeting SDK Marketplace app type generates SDK credentials and OAuth credentials. If you have a legacy SDK type, you should see a prompt to update the App. Are you seeing the prompt to update the App ?

Create a Meeting SDK App

hi @donte.zoom

Thank you for your reply.
I missed the below content.
I was able to confirm it in Manage.

Will changing the SDK type have any impact on existing ones?

Pinging this to avoid it being closed…
Does changing the SDK type have any impact?
For example, credentials change

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Thank you for your question @akio. Please see our support documentation for more details on this topic and let us know if you have any questions.


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