Change SDK type to OAuth authentication type

I have an SDKapp that I created some time ago. (now called MeetingSDK)
This SDKapp’s type is not use OAuth authentication.
probably a legacy type.
I would like to change a type that allows OAuth authentication.
However, the items that were there before are missing and cannot be changed.
Do I need to create a new account?
Also, if the SDKapp’s type is changed, will the credentials change?

Hi, @akio,

Thank you for your question! The Meeting SDK Marketplace app type generates SDK credentials and OAuth credentials. If you have a legacy SDK type, you should see a prompt to update the App. Are you seeing the prompt to update the App ?

Create a Meeting SDK App

hi @donte.zoom

Thank you for your reply.
I missed the below content.
I was able to confirm it in Manage.

Will changing the SDK type have any impact on existing ones?