Transitioning from JWT to OAuth


I noticed this alert on my company’s apps in the Zoom marketplace:

I can’t find any information on this change, though; is it required that we swap from JWT to OAuth? Is there a deadline for when JWT will be turned off?

There is a “Learn more” link in the modal that pops up:

It links to Create an SDK App which doesn’t tell me anything about the change from JWT to OAuth, plus it implies OAuth is only for if you’re publishing your app which we’re not doing.

Thanks for your help!

Hi, @abiyani,

Great questions! Essentially, updating your SDK will add the OAuth feature to your SDK APP. Please see this great write up on this topic here:

You should also know that our Sample App has been updated to use SDK App type credentials instead of JWT App type credentials as well.

Thanks for the answer Donte!

You’re welcome @abiyani! Glad you found that information helpful.