Changing local user's name

I think there is a bug in changing the user’s name. I’m using this:

    if let z = ZoomInstantSDK.shareInstance(),
       let s = z.getSession(),
       let me = s.getMySelf() {

          let result = z.getUserHelper().changeName("mynewname", with:me)
          print("result is \(result)")

This works fine if the user is the host, but for any other user it fails. (result = false)

Hey @brians,

Thanks for using the dev forum! It is nice to see you again :slight_smile:

As strange as this is, I believe this is intended behavior. To change a participant’s name (even your own) you have to be a host.


Thanks Michael!

The docs may be incorrect then:

A participant in the session has the privilege to view their own information as well as the information of other users, and change their own display name. (

Too bad if that’s the case: we are basically packing a bunch of metadata into the user name as JSON so it includes various state information each users’s session – the idea was to relay state changes via this JSON to each user.

Hey @brians

Ah, I see. Let me follow up with this to see if the docs or the SDK is wrong. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Hey @brians,

Just confirmed with the team, the docs are incorrect. This behavior is by design currently.
We will get the docs updated.


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