iOS sdk changeName don't get callback event

I am using zoom custom UI, implement the participants viewcontroller. I used to MobileRTCMeetingService class fuction [changeName: withUserID:] change participant screen name, but I don’t get callback event. Please tell me when perform “MobileRTCMeetingService changeName withUserID:” which method can invoke, then refresh UI.
Example: I perform [MobileRTCMeetingService raiseMyHand], the [onMyHandStateChange delegate] can invoke.

Hi @ios_feifei,

Thanks for the post. We do not have such callback at the moment. We will add this in the next release.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks your reply! But I don’t found this callback.I used MobileRTC.framework version is 4.6.21666.0428.

Hi @Carson_Chen,
I’m using zoom custom UI.One question about meeting Settings is whether to change the screen name or not. I found default UI have this setup, but custom UI don’t have this setup. If custom UI need this setup, how to do that? I don’t found about change screen name property in “MobileRTCMeetingSettings.h”.Could you tell me what to do. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen,
I’m using zoom custom UI. When my role is host, I call [MobileRTCMeetingService askUserStartVideo:] function let member open video,then member can invoke the following callback:

@brief Callback event that host requests to unmute the user’s video.
- (void)onSinkMeetingVideoRequestUnmuteByHost:(void (^_Nonnull)(BOOL Accept))completion;

When member completion(YES) can invoke host the “onSinkMeetingAudioStatusChange” function,then I refresh UI,but when member completion(NO) can invoke host which function?

I used iOS sdk, version is 4.6.21666.0428.Thanks!

Hi @ios_feifei,

Thanks for the reply. Regarding the callback - (void)onSinkMeetingVideoRequestUnmuteByHost:(void (^_Nonnull)(BOOL Accept))completion;, the default status is “mute”. When the host requests to unmute video, the callback onSinkMeetingVideoRequestUnmuteByHost will be triggered.

  • Selecting “accept” will return YES and unmute the video. And the host will trigger (void)onSinkMeetingVideoStatusChange:(NSUInteger)userID; .
  • Selecting “Decline” will return NO and will keep muted. It will not trigger any other callbacks.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks @Carson_Chen,
I found zoom sdk demo, when host ask member open video,the member refused.
Host can alert view, if not trigger any other callbacks , when appear this alert view .

Hi @ios_feifei,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is the 2nd situation I was mentioned above: