Changing the different resolution videos to 720p resolution

Video SDK Type and Version
Video Sdk - Android and Version - “1.6.0”

I receive video raw data from a source, which can have various resolutions (e.g., 4k, 1080p). My goal is to livestream this raw data using Zoom’s sender sendVideoFrame function. However, Zoom supports only 720p resolution during streaming. As a result, when I pass a 4k video, Zoom crops and decreases the resolution. Is there a Zoom-provided method to convert the resolution of the raw data to 720p before transmitting it to Zoom?

@priyanshub , could you elaborate slightly on this?

I might have understood it wrongly. Are you trying to find a method to convert high resolution video to 720P video using Zoom’s SDK, before sending it out?

@chunsiong.zoom Yes, you understood it right. As zoom video sdk supports 720p resolution only, i need to convert high resolution video to 720p before sending it out.

@priyanshub , there is no such method.

One thing you can try using would be ffmpeg. Another thing you can try would be to just send the raw data frames as is, we should be able to compress it before sending.

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@chunsiong.zoom Thanks, will check for ffmpeg. Currently i am sending raw data frame only but as a output, higher resolution video is center cropped to fit. The effect of this gets heightened.

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@chunsiong.zoom do this enum ZoomVideoSDKVideoResolution helps in mamaging the resolution while the receiving the video data?

@priyanshub ,

This enum is used on the receiver’s side to specify what resolution of video you would want to subscribe to.

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