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We have the idea to share our own raw video source (either in raw or H.264 format), is the SDK have any callback API to receive the stream other than just from camera or screen capture. If this is true, what is is the resolution for the android SDK can handle.

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Currently our SDKs do not have the raw data related features. Please follow our Github repo for future updates.


Hi Carson,
Thanks for your clarification. So right now, there only two ways to sharing the video, camera and screen sharing. We have product already have build-in stream inputs solution, we only want expose our output stream to zoom, so hacking either the camera or screen capture input of zoom seems the only way if there is no APIs to accept third part video stream, right? And we need this API can handle 720p stream. Do you have any other idea on our requirement? Thanks.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I understand your concerns and requirements. Currently neither our camera stream nor screen sharing stream accepts external input. I will pass this as a feature request to our engineering team and we will investigate the possibility of supporting this in the future.


@Carson_Chen, @kevinatzoom Custom video and data streams support has been added?

Hi vaibhavs,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Currently we do not have video stream available.