Chaperone Mode in web meeting sdk

Hello we are using latest meeting sdk version 2.10
we are enabling gallery view by default as the only option also
we have a feature in which we want a chaperone enters a meeting with a certain role and this person must be a ghost , no mic no video and his participant card must also be hidden
I managed via dom editing to catch the one with role chaperone and hide his card , however the space for the card whateever I do is still their
any suggestions

  const galleryVideoContainer = document.querySelector(

  if (galleryVideoContainer) {
    const avatar = document.querySelectorAll('.video-avatar__avatar-name')
    let chaperonContainer = null

    avatar.forEach((item) => {
      if (
        item.innerHTML === 'specialist' ||
        item.innerHTML === 'Specialist' ||
        item.innerHTML === 'SPECIALIST'
      ) {
      } else {

      if (item.innerHTML === 'Chaperone') {
        if (item.parentNode) {
          chaperonContainer = item.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode

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