Chat API: getChatSessions always returns 0 results

I referenced the URL below.

When I call the API, It always returns 0 results.
I have called API with user ID or user Email, and results are same zero.

My app is an Account-level app and an Server-To-Server OAuth app.
And added scopes are:

  • chat_channel:read:admin
  • chat_channel:write:admin
  • chat_message:read:admin
  • chat_message:write:admin

How do I get my chat sessions?

Hi @dukki
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community.
Could you please try passing the value me for the user ID value to confirm if you get any data by doing this?


Thank you for your attention.

When I set the value me for the user ID then the result is still 0 records.

I got access toke using clientId:clientSecret, grant_type=account_credentials.

Are you using the Server to Server OAuth app to generate the access token? @dukki

Yes, I am. I use the Server to Server OAuth app. @elisa.zoom

Interesting, I will send you a private message for more details