Chat bot app configuration error - Invalid URL

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Zoom chat bot app configuration page
When I tried to type the url of my Bot endpoint url, always pop up Invalid URL error. My endpoint url is only accessible via VPN internal network and is not accessible by external network.

Invalid URL : my_endpoint_url
How To Reproduce

  1. type endpoint url in Bot endpoint URL[development] field and Bot endpoint URL[production] field.
  2. click save

Hi @boting.ding
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community! I am happy to help here!
Could you please confirm if you are still experiencing this issue?

Yes, the issue still exists.

May I know how to share screenshot with this forum?
It always pops up error message that I can’t embed media in a post.

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

The issue still exists.

I will follow up in a private message

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

May I know the update of the issue?


I am sharing the response here too for anyone running into this issue:

The endpoint URL needs to be publicly accessible, otherwise Zoom won’t be able to reach your server to send the chatbot slash commands / actions / webhooks.

Hi @elisa.zoom @tommy , the endpoint URL is now publicly accessible. But the public url needs to have correct authentication to access. May I know do you provide solution about this case? Where can I config the authentication header in your developer portal?

Hey @boting.ding
Here is a link to our docs on Webhook Endpoint URL requirements

If you want to verify events with your own headers, you can do that:

Hi @elisa.zoom , please specify where can I config it in my developer portal regarding my chat bot application. My problem is the post api regarding behavior of sending messages in the chat room. What you post is about event notification. I don’t get the point of the relation between my problem and the solution you provided. Could you explain more?

Hi @boting.ding
I see, sorry about that, I am having a little bit of a problem understanding your queries.
So to send messages in a chat channel or to a user, using a Team Chat app you will have to make a post request to the Send messages endpoint and pass the chatbot_token in the authorization headers (generated making a post request to our oauth endpoint using the credentials associated with your app)

Hi @elisa.zoom, I mean sending message in the chat bot chat room. The solutions you provided still didn’t answer my questions.

Sorry @boting.ding what do yo mean when you say chat bot chat room?

Hi @elisa.zoom , I mean sending message to a chat bot and typing some command to a chat bot within the chat room belong to me and the chat bot.

Hi @elisa.zoom , the problem is occurred in Feature → Zoom Client Feature → Team Chat Subscription → Bot endpoint URL[development]. That URL has been publicly accessible but need authentication. Your developer portal didn’t provide custom fields for this situation. May I know how to deal with it?