Chat Channel Scopes

I have a valid token and am able to call other endpoints however when trying to obtain a list of channels for this user via

I get the following returned:

“code”: 4700,
“message”: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [chat_channel:read, chat_channel:write, zms:chat_channel:read, zms:chat_channel:write]”

However I do not see in the list of scopes for my application where I can specify any of these scopes? I have request all possible scopes in the list as follows:

account:master account:read:admin account:write:admin billing:master contact:read:admin dashboard:master dashboard_crc:read:admin dashboard_home:read:admin dashboard_im:read:admin dashboard_meetings:read:admin dashboard_webinars:read:admin dashboard_zr:read:admin group:master group:read:admin group:write:admin h323:read:admin h323:write:admin imchat:bot imchat:read:admin imchat:write:admin imcontact:read:admin imgroup:master imgroup:read:admin imgroup:write:admin meeting:master meeting:read:admin meeting:write:admin pac:master pac:read:admin pac:write:admin phone:read:admin phone:write:admin recording:master recording:read:admin recording:write:admin report:master report:read:admin role:master role:read:admin role:write:admin room:read:admin scim2 sip_phone:read:admin sip_phone:write:admin tracking_fields:master tracking_fields:read:admin tracking_fields:write:admin tsp:master tsp:read:admin tsp:write:admin user:master user:read:admin user:write:admin webinar:master webinar:read:admin webinar:write:admin

I am using oAuth flow using grant_type = authorization_code

I have also tried this from the test widget on (even generating a new token) and I get the same response.

How do I add these additional scopes?

I have even tried to specify the scopes in the install URL but get the following:

Invalid scope: as current client hasn’t this approved scope! (4,700)

However it does actually still return a valid access_token but without the channels scopes!

Hey @ian,

I am guessing you are using an Account Level OAuth App. To use the Chat and Channels APIs, you must use a User-Managed OAuth app.

Let me know if this helps!


Make sense Tommy, although I was hoping that Zoom supported admin consent on behalf of users so that individual users did not have to install the app individually. We have 12k+ employee and I was hoping that account level app would solve this issue.

Is this something that you are looking to support at some stage?

Hey @ian,

We understand the limitation here, and will have Account Level Chat / Channel APIs sometime in the future.

You can keep an eye on our releases here.

Although, sending Chatbots messages is Account Level, and there are some special features like listing channels and members of a channel.

Can you share your use case so I can try to come up with a solution in the meantime?