Missing granular scopes in scope selection for Chat API

I am trying to use Zoom’s Chat API with an Oauth application as authentication(right now in development stage). The app is “Admin-managed”, as i need to access all users’ data in my account.

Most endpoint work, like Create a channel, meaning its not a problem in the Oauth flow.

When trying to call endpoints such as Get a Channel i get an error telling me that the token i am using doesn’t have the team_chat:read:channel scope. When trying to add to my app this scope i only see the team_chat:read:channel:admin scope. Even with this scope the endpoint refuses to work.

This happens in other endpoints such as Delete a channel.

Has any one also come across this? any suggestions?


Hi @joe.smithinc12123
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our Zoom Developer Community, I am happy to help here!

Have you been able to troubleshoot this on your end? please let me know if you still need help so I can try and replicate this behavior


thank you for the reply.
i have tried rerunning and recreating everything and still get the same situation mentioned above.
I would greatly appreciate any help as i am really not sure what else i can do.

Hi @joe.smithinc12123
I can replicate the error you are getting when calling the Get a Channel endpoint with an OAuth admin-managed app.

So, what I did to Get a channel with an admin-managed app is that I used the endpoint Get users channels endpoint instead.

You get the same data so you should be able to get all your users data with that endpoint
could you please review this and let me know if that works for you

Hey again,
The endpoint you sent works but it serves a different purpose, it lists all channels for a given user. The way i understand it the Get Channel endpoint returns channel information for a given channel ID, which is the functionality i am looking for.

Are there any plans to add the missing scope/scopes in the future? if so i can go over all my findings and provide a full list of scopes i came a cross that are missing.
Thank you for your help.