Chat file download format

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Is there a documented definition of what format the chat files are that are references in the recordingGet endpoint?

Until recently we understood the format to be : <timestamp>\t<username>:\t<message>. However recently we noticed that on occasion the tabs (\t) are spaces.

We have a solution in place to handle this new observed behavior, but if there’s documentation that is a ground truth on what the format should be, we’d be able to build the most robust solution.


Hi @afinkel
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community! I am happy to help here!
I do not think there is other documentation available about this, other than the endpoint you mentioned.
But let me look into this internally and I will come back with an update shortly.


Any update on this?

It’s important to us that any further modification of file formats are notified to us, since we parse those files. And if the format changes our parsing will need to be updated accordingly.


Hi @afinkel
Sorry for the late reply. I am still looking internally if we have public documentation available for this.

HI @afinkel
Sorry for the late reply
I heard back from our Engineering team about this issue. It looks like the behavior that you noticed was caused by a task we ran in one of our releases.
We have identified it and we will fix it this weekend, so the format will go back to
<timestamp>\t<username>:\t<message> .

Hope this helps,

These seem like breaking changes that should be mentioned in release notes. Is there a plan for this going forward?

I agree with you and yes this will be in our release notes, I will confirm with Engineering team on this