/v2/meetings/{meetingId}/recordings endpoint irregular format TIMELINE file type

Endpoint https://zoom.github.io/api/#list-all-the-recordings

This is the documented format of objects in the “recording_files” list:
{ “id”: “string”,
“meeting_id”: “string”,
“recording_start”: “string”,
“recording_end”: “string”,
“file_type”: “string”,
“file_size”: “number”,
“play_url”: “string”,
“download_url”: “string”,
“status”: “string”,
“deleted_time”: “string”,
“recording_type”: “string”}

Recently I’ve started seeing a “TIMELINE” file which is a .json file, the metadata for this file is in this format:

{“meeting_id”: uuid,
“recording_start”: “2019-02-05T01:15:58Z”,
“recording_end”: “2019-02-05T03:20:27Z”,
“file_type”: “TIMELINE”,
“download_url”: url"}

Because there is no “id” in this object, I have to rewrite my code to ignore this file.

Can there be some sort of versioning put in place for the Zoom API? It would be great to be able to test a new version of the API before updating.

Hi @Zoom_Ingester,

It makes sense to add an ID for timeline. I’ll talk with the Engineers to to see if we can update our API to include an ID. Be on the lookout for API updates here - https://devforum.zoom.us/c/new-releases


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Hi Michael,

I’d like to see this id field added as well, as the file deletion api requires it: /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/{recordingId}

Let me know if this is on the road map.


Hey @matt.chalmers,

I have checked with our engineers and will update you on the timeline. (ZOOM-81026)