Chat linking via Chatbot messages endpoint

I’m using the /im/chat/messages endpoint to send a message to users from the chatbot with a chat link inside. According to the docs, this chat link is supposed to show details about the channel when hovered over, but so far, it’s just making the text appear in blue with the @ symbol in front.

I’ve set is_markdown_support: true in the body of the request. And the message text looks like this:
“<#{{ channel_jid }}|My Channel>”

Is there anything I’m missing about how to use these chat links? My apologies if this is a Zoom client issue, not an API issue.

Which App?
Chatbot app

Screenshots (If applicable)
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Hey @hlowso,

Thanks for reaching out about this! To clarify, you’re able to install the chatbot OK and the message appears in the client fine—but when hovering over the channel, there’s no modal/extended details?

If that’s the case, this is probably best suited for our Technical Support team, who you can reach out to here. But let me know if I’ve misunderstood—thanks!

I think you’ve understood correctly - the chatbot has been installed and messages from the chatbot are appearing in my zoom desktop client, but hovering over the channel link does not make a modal appear. I’ll reach out to technical support. Thank you.