Chatbot for a sub group


I am developing a chatbot, is there a way to limit the chatbot to 2 or 3 users until is it ready ? right the welcome msg goes to everybody under the company account


Hey @mosman, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

There are 2 ways to limit who can see Chatbot messages:

  1. Only send Chatbot messages to a Zoom Chat Channel with the desired users, or a Specific user by setting the to_jid in the Chatbot request body to that respective channel. You can get the JID of a Channel or User via our Chatbot events:

and / or

  1. Set the visible_to_user value so only the userID specified sees the message.


Hi Tommy,

I am developing a chatbot and able to send chat message.
The message is just going to the the userid
however “to_jid”: “<>”, is set to user id.
I would like to send messages to one of my created channel.
In the document it is mention as below:

to_jid Required , The JID of the Channel or User you want the message sent to. Get this from the Chatbot request sent to your server.

How do I get the JID of a Channel which I have created?


Hey @mallik.zoomit, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

You can get a Channel JID by sending a slash command from the Channel you want to use.

In the Webhook payload, the toJid will be the Channel JID.


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for your quick reply.

What am looking is instead of using slash command from channel, is there away wherein we get channel’s jid’s.


I have created DemoChatApp .
From my DemoChatApp am able to get client id ,secret key and Bot JID.
With my credentials able to login and see my created App and created a new channel.
Now I want to send message to my channel.

I want to send message using postman API calls .

“to_jid”: “<<>>”,//channel’s jid.
How do I get channels JID without using slash command executed on my server.


Hey @mallik.zoomit,

You can get Channel Jids via our Get Channels endpoint. Due note that as of now you need a User Level OAuth app to do this. We are working to make this endpoint compatible with Account Level OAuth / Chatbot apps.

Take the channel id from the response, and append to it.

jid = id + ""