Chat webhook does not recieve reply messages

I am trying to create chat application using the API. Was planning to use webhooks to get updates about chat messages (to avoid polling).

I have OAuth application with webhooks enabled for all chat event types. It is in development mode, unpublished.

After sending chat message to another user (in the same organization account) I receive webhook notification about the message I sent. But I don’t receive reply notification with the message from the other user. I am getting this reply message if I run chat message query, but the idea is to avoid polling for incoming messages.

Is this expected - because the app is in developer mode and therefore works only for my user?
If so - how I can develop the app? I need to be able to test both sending and receiving scenarios before publishing.

Related question: if the app was deployed, assuming one of the users is chatting using the app with another user who uses standard zoom client, and second user has never used (has not installed) the app - will the first user receive replies and incoming chat messages from the second user through webhook? (Both users belong to the same account.)


Hey @zhekab,

Looking at our API Reference, I’m not seeing that the Chat Reply is a supported webhook. So far, it looks like Chat Sent, Updated and Deleted webhooks are supported.

Let me know if you are referring to something else.


In my app configuration under Event Subscriptions -> Event Types I can configure “Chat Message Replied” - see the screenshot:

If chat replies are not supported in webhooks - are there other options for implementing chat using the API without constant polling for messages?

Hey @zhekab,

Thank you for providing more detail on what you’re seeing. We’re working to add documentation for the Chat Message Replied Event Subscription and should have it published by Monday.


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Hey @zhekab,

You can see the updated documentation here:

Thanks again for reporting this!


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