Not Receiving Chat Webhooks

Have spent the past 3 hours trying to get this working. Using the Webhooks only app, chat messages are not a scope that is available with event subscriptions, same when trying on the Server to Server oAuth app. When using the oAuth app, the scopes are there and I can setup an event subscription, but after installing the app, I am not receiving any webhooks. I have tested the notification url and it works and no webhook entries in the logs in zoom.

Not receiving webhooks

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Create oAuth app with event subscriptions for all 4 chat events, and adding all chat scopes.
2. Install app
3. No webhooks are received

Hi @brian.ouimette
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Form and welcome to the community! I am happy to help!
I am sorry to hear that it has not been easy to navigate this issue.
Could you please confirm if you are referring to the following events:

If the answer is yes, I am actually working on this issue with the Engineering team, cause it looks like they are not working as expected right now and we are working on a fix.

Hope this helps,


That is correct.

Thank you for the response. I have it working for now through an oAuth app which will be fine for testing but would like to move it to a webhook only app for production.

Thanks again,
Brian Ouimette

@elisa.zoom - Do you have a timeframe on when the webhook only app scopes will be fixed?


Hi @brian.ouimette
Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe right now

This has also been an issue for me and my team. We are trying to get updates from sent chats from a certain channel via a webhook set up the same way as @brian.ouimette; however, we have the same issue of receiving nothing.

Any updates would be fantastic! Thanks, friends! :smiley: