Chatbot App name not changing

I created an Chatbot App for a client a few months back. Recently, we moved into testing with the client and they wish to change the name of the Chatbot App. I clicked into the app in the Zoom Marketplace > Information > App Name and changed it. However, no changes have occurred and its been more than 24 hours.

It did ask me to update the publishable URL but I’m not able to refresh it due to us not having filled out the Technical Design tab. Is this what could be causing the problem?

Hi @lucas.rollo
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
If this app is published in the Marketplace, then you would need to fil the TD tab so you can submit your app for an update so the changes you have made will be reflected.
Hope this helps,

Hey @elisa.zoom

The App is not published in the market place and we don’t plan on publishing it either. Just want to keep it inside of the organization. I’m assuming we still need to fill out the TDD in order for the changes to take place here?

Hi @lucas.rollo , this doesn’t seem to be intended behavior, but I’m also not able to reproduce it. I have a sample chatbot / team chat app with nothing filled out in the TD tab and I’m able to update the app name field in the Information tab. Can you share a screenshot of the error on the Marketplace UI?

There is no error on the App Page @michael.zoom. In fact, it updates the name and picture on the App Page.

The problem is, the App name and picture don’t change for any of the users that already have it installed.