Chatbot app - send message to channel

I am trying to create a chatbot that sends messages to selected channel.
I am using Send Messages api.
The documentation is not clear about user_jid parameter. In one doc it is required, but in an other it is not.

I tried sending a message without user_jid, but I got an error (500 - Invalid request body format.).
When I sent it with a user_jid of a user from that channel it worked.

Is the user_jid required for Send Message? Or am I doing something wrong?
In order to send a message from a chatbot to channel I need to select one of the channel users to use its jid for the message? Is there a way to use without using a channel member jid?
What is the user_jid used for in this context?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @shaik.torq ,

Thanks for bringing these discrepancies to our attention. Please let me look into this further and get back to you. In the meantime, I am requesting screenshots/source code for the request inputs and outputs via DM.

Talk soon.

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