Chatbot - How to disambiguate selections across multiple drop downs

We have a simple use case for the bot to prompt for several pieces of information. The form is
shown to the user for him or her to fill out and then click either the Cancel or OK button.
For example, consider a form-like message with 2 editable fields and 2 drop downs such as

First name [__editable__]
Last name  [__editable__]
Likes beer     [__Yes | No__ |\/]
Favorite color [__Red |Blue|Green|Black__ |\/]

         (Cancel)      (OK)

How is the developer supposed to distinguish

  1. which edit field has just been updated and
  2. which drop down has had its selection changed?


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Create a message with multiple entry fields and drop downs.

For the entry fields the approach seems to be to use form fields per

and then look at the “key” within

"fieldEditItem": {
      "currentValue": "",
      "key": "Title",
      "newValue": "Developer Advocate"

For drop downs the doc at
just shows selectedItems in the payload of the interactive_message_select event.

 "selectedItems": [
        "value": "tesla"

How is the developer to disambiguate amongst multiple drop downs?
There is no “key” or otherwise it seems. What am I missing here?

For the ‘OK’ button click the doc at

shows sending the original message content. It would be verify beneficial to send the current state
of the message elements and not attempt to track changes per above.

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context

Hey @breynoldszoom,

This is not supported at the moment. However, as a work around you could send multiple (seperate) Chatbot messages with dropdowns, and then you can identify the value with the messageID.

Or, you could use buttons as a way to select multiple items from one Chatbot message, similar to how the current work around is for radio button message types:

You can use a set of two regular buttons: one labeled on, and one labeled off. You can color the active button using the active blue color. When a user clicks on one button, you can update the entire message to show the new state, so that only one button is highlighted at any time:




Thank you for the suggestion.
We are now generating separate messages for each widget within an over prompt.
The top portion of our HTML prompt looks like

The list and radio buttons get rendered in Zoom as drop downs.
Within Zoom, the presentation is a bit ugle as we are stuck rendering the prompt as

Can we at least somehow remove the red rectangle text so the prompt pieces flow better together vertically?
What’s the timing for fixing the API to provide widget IDs for the front end and back end so
the widgets are all together on the front end and user input can be distiguished on the back end?

Thank you.

Hey @breynoldszoom,

Thank you for the update. Unfortunately, we don’t have a method to remove the Chatbot name for each of the messages. Along that same line of thinking, I don’t have an ETA as to when we will be providing improvements to the Chatbot dropdown menus.

If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category. This will ensure that our engineering team is aware this is a needed feature and may cause them to increase the priority of any planned changes.


Thanks for the feedback Max,
I understand the desire to keep the chat name.
I’ve written up a feature request with some suggestions that ties this together with some other issues I ran into. Hopefully it will be useful in whatever you all come up with down the road.

Hey @breynoldszoom,

Excellent, thank you for submitting that! Feel free to reach out if you have any further issues or questions.


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