Chatbot message duplication

Currently, when sending small sentences through the zoom chatbot, it is showing message duplication, but when the message is longer than a short message, the error does not occur. This error happens on Clients installed on PCs.

Could you help us, we implemented the code according to the documentation, but still, it’s not working.

We need some attention with this problem because our application is showing this flaw, making it impossible to use the tool as proposed.

I look forward to any information or answers to the question.

Thank you guys

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Some attachments include the behavior next to requesting some example commands as there can be behavior to mimic some examples, but it cannot be a repetitive behavior of the application.

For these cases, we tried everything we could do, invert the header, use markDown as true or false - just inside here, when we disable Markdown, the text is not repeated, but it is not in an adequate form for the use of the chatbot, we use only in the body or only in the header, but when using this way the header is left with an empty space, making it impossible to function correctly, it is vacant.

This is the information we have, if anyone can help us we are eternally grateful.

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