Trailing spaces for short messages sent by chatbot

Hello, I have a working zoom chatbot and I’ve been noticing that if the chatbot sends relatively short messages to the user, there seems to be trailing spaces. But the user sending to the chatbot has no trailing spaces.

We are not appending any extra spaces to these messages and it only happens to short messages. The json payload structure we are having the chatbot sends is:

  "robot_jid": "{{bot_jid}}",
  "to_jid": "{{to_jid}}",
  "account_id": "{{account_id}}",
  "content": {
    head: {
        text: 'hello world'

However, I did try customizing the message styling (as shown in the picture below) to be body text under the head content, and the result is still the same for short messages.

So I was wondering is this a known behavior for chatbot messages? Is this like the minimum message bubble size of the zoom chatbot? If so, is there any workaround for this

Thank you!

Hi @nlerdsudwichai ,

Interesting! Not to my knowledge! Are you able to reproduce this with the sample app?


Hi @gianni.zoom. By sample app do you mean the unsplash one here: GitHub - zoom/unsplash-chatbot: Send Unsplash Photos in Zoom Chat ?


Assuming the unsplash chatbot app is what you are referring to, I’m not sure if it is valid since the unsplash app always sends a photo as the chatbot response so I never see a case where the chatbot response with a short message.

I did tweeked the sample chatbot app code a bit so it just returns the message I send to the chatbot and I am able to reproduce this. So it looks like there is a minimum size for the chatbot message bubble?